Publishing the Archive

Issue 4 · Spring 2014

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Analysis and Discussion in the Round

(Re)Presenting the Archive

Edited by Mark Faulkner, Amber Regis, Emma Rhatigan, and Graham Williams (School of English, University of Sheffield)
The questions and responses in this 360° emerged from a May 2013 symposium held at the University of Sheffield, ‘(Re)Presenting the Archive’. All of the contributors attended and presented at the symposium; and their comments reflect on issues, questions and (in some cases) critiques of explicitly re-presentational practices of or in archives and collections, such as scholarly editing and curating. We invite you to read through the responses by author or by question.

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Archives Remixed

Critical Perspectives and Pathways

Publishing the Archive

The pieces collected here, under our “Publishing the Archive” heading, all tug from one direction or another on the notion that the distinction between building and organizing a digital archive, on the one hand, and publishing interpretive or argumentative work based on its contents, on the other, is growing increasingly blurred. From digitization to databases

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