Please contact the editor Lauren Coats if you have materials to submit to Archive Journal or questions about submitting:  We publish material in three sections, “Essays,” “Notes,” and “Roundtable” (please see section descriptions below).  We welcome submission complete submissions for the “Essays” and “Notes” sections on a rolling basis.   In addition, we have semi-annual special issues for “Essays” that focus on a topic or theme (please see “Current CFP” below for upcoming special issues).  If you have an idea for a “Roundtable,” please contact the editor.

Current CFP

No current CFPs.  Check back soon for CFPs for anticipated special issues on “Trash” and “Indigenous Archives.”

Journal Sections

Archive Journal publishes content in 3 distinct sections:

  • “Essays” invites analytical and creative pieces that reflect on meaning-making in and through archives. The format is open to traditional research or theoretical essays as well as multi-modal, alternate, or experimental formats. Contributions that analyze, use, theorize, create, find ways through, or reconstitute particular archives, objects or exhibits are invited. Only original work that has not been published elsewhere will be accepted for publication.   Length variable.  Individual essays accepted and published on a rolling basis; special issues published semi-annually.
  • “Notes” shares timely, short essays about best practices, archival finds, recent publications or events, reports from the field, and thoughts on current work in the field.  Approximately 500-2000 words. Accepted and published on a rolling basis.
  • “Roundtable” features an asynchronous “discussion” among contributors from various backgrounds who respond to the same set of questions about a single archive or archival topic.   500 words per response. Accepted and published on a rolling basis.

We welcome complete submissions for “Essays” and “Notes.”  If you have an idea for a “Roundtable,” please contact the editor.

Submission Specifications

We welcome submissions in a variety of formats.   If you have a project that is in an experimental or unusual format, please contact the editor to discuss.  For more traditional textual and/or multimedia submissions, please follow these guidelines:

  • Text should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or .rtf file
  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, for formatting, style, and endnote citations.
  • Multimedia components should be submitted as separate files:
    • Images: sent as .jpg (480 x 640).
    • Video: we prefer a link to a hosted video at Vimeo.  Please contact the editors if you’d like to send a video file instead.
    • Sound files: .wav
    • Maps: .kml
    • Material in other formats: please discuss with the editor
    • If the files are too large to send by email, please contact the editor to discuss an alternate method for submission.

Terms of Publication

Authors published in Archive Journal retain copyright of their work.  All materials in Archive Journal are published under a Creative Commons 4.0 license; authors may select the one under which their work appears.  In order to facilitate access and preservation, Archive Journal retains a perpetual, non-exclusive right to publish accepted work and to include it in other aggregations and indexes. Authors are free to deposit a pre-publication version in an institutional repository, individual webpage, or similar site, as well as to reprint, reuse, or republish their work in any venue after one year.